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Medical Treatment

When patients embark on the programme they will receive a medical and addiction assessment. Alcohol and many drugs have physical as well as psychological consequences and it is important that these are elicited at the first point of contact. Specific … More


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT has a good evidence base for many psychiatric and psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression and phobias. In recent years, it has been successfully applied in the field of addiction.  Dependence on alcohol or substances is influenced by cognitions, … More



Patients who develop alcohol or substance problems often have other underlying, deeply private, issues. The role of counselling is to provide support and education to patients and a good rapport between patient and counsellor is essential. Trust is a vital … More


Relaxation Therapy

Patients misusing alcohol and substance abuse are often stressed, anxious and sleep poorly which are themselves triggers for further alcohol or drug use. Alcohol, for example, is taken by many people to relax and yet, paradoxically, those dependent on the … More


Family Therapy

Alcohol and drug abuse can have devastating effects on the family. Relationships are often shattered throughout the family. Often, when a person seeks help they do so as part of a family ultimatum. It is important to include family in … More