Relaxation Therapy

Patients misusing alcohol and substance abuse are often stressed, anxious and sleep poorly which are themselves triggers for further alcohol or drug use. Alcohol, for example, is taken by many people to relax and yet, paradoxically, those dependent on the drug often suffer intolerable anxiety, particularly when they are withdrawing from the drug.

This sets up a cycle of drinking-intoxication-withdrawal-drinking,-intoxication-withdrawal etc, that many drinkers find too difficult to break. Whilst relaxation therapy has no direct evidence in reducing drug or alcohol use it provides patients with skills on learning how to relax and this can have an inestimable impact on their recovery.

There are many relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, visualisation, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation and yoga which help stimulate the body’s natural relaxation response and which are powerful antidotes to stress. They also have the added benefits of increased energy, concentration and motivation. Relaxation therapy perfectly complements the other treatments available at the Priority Medical Clinic.

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