Unique approach

  • Please note that the Priority Medical Clinic provides OUTPATIENT treatment only. It does NOT provide residential treatment


  • The clinic does NOT treat opiate dependence (e.g. heroin or codeine painkiller addiction). The treatment of choice for this is generally provided through the public sector and you are advised to consult your GP for further information. Please do not call the clinic if your problem relates to opiate use. 


  • The Clinic does NOT treat emergency cases. If you feel you need emergency treatment e.g. for severe acute alcohol withdrawal or feel suicidal or suffer an acute complication related to your problem please contact your GP with a view to attending your local hospital emergency department. The clinic treats on-going addiction related problems that will take time to manage.

The Priority Medical clinic is the first medically led private OUTPATIENT addiction treatment programme in Ireland. Dr McGovern brings a wealth of experience having worked in the field since 1998. Our treatment  approach is pragmatic, evidence based, non-judgemental and individually tailored to the patient. There is a particular emphasis on improving mental , emotional and physical health and the use of cognitive behavioural therapy, individual counselling and relaxation techniques. The focus is on the individual rather than the drug and the programme is delivered in a way that reduces the stigma associated with addiction.

Addiction is a chronic relapsing condition which afflicts many families worldwide. The programme Dr McGovern has developed at the Priority Medical Clinic is evidence based and brings together the skills of specialists in addiction counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy and relaxation therapy. This multidisciplinary collaborative approach provides patients with the best possible care in dealing with their addictions. It allows people to continue with normal life activities without impinging on important duties such as work and family life.

Drug addiction is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a chronic relapsing condition for which there is no known cure. It should be viewed no differently than other chronic medical illnesses. The ethos of Priority Medical Clinic is one of Harm reduction, “a term which defines policies, programmes, services and actions that work to reduce the health, social and economic harms to individuals, communities and society that are associated with the use of drugs”(Newcombe 1992).

  • An advanced,comprehensive and collaborative addiction recovery programme
  • Emphatic and patient centered approach
  • Evidence based interventions
  • Provides a comfortable, safe and positive environment
  • Emphasis on improving mental, emotional and physical health.
  • Programmes are tailored to meet individual needs.

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